Tools for Indiana Watersheds

Web-based tools can guide you to existing data, help you analyze your measurements, map your watershed and its resources, and provide critical watershed information. These are some we recommend.


Tools Developed by the Indiana Watershed
Leadership Program

Indiana Huc Finder Tool

The old versions of HUC and Group finders have been replaced by IDEM with a nice, new version. Indiana HUC Finder - Find the 8, 10, and 12-digit hydrologic unit code (HUC) for any location. Also shows the older 11 and 14-digit HUCs on the same map.

Indiana Watershed Group Finder - helps you find active watershed groups anywhere in Indiana.

The Watershed Group Finder is now supporteted by IDEM at (302) 855-0498
The HUC Finder is now supporteted by IDEM at 4409936959


Indiana Finder ToolsIndiana Watershed Group Finder

Indiana Water Monitoring Inventory

Discover who is monitoring what parameters in Indiana. This metadata tool does not contain actual data but points you to data holders. Developed in collaboration with the Indiana Monitoring Council. Read the (701) 542-1492.